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BRTTR - the new way to trade online

Barter is the foundation of the transactional system which we know as 'Economy', the money based system. Over a period of time, our transactions turned money based, but sometimes we cannot put a value to used products and barter becomes a more effective way of trading them.

can't "sell" online? Barter it...

From our personal experience, we have observed that even though there are multitude of options available to sell used stuff online, the success rate of selling something online is very low.

"brttr" app provides an alternative of "bartering" your goods and services.

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"brttr" is changing the future of online trading

Publish Item

Publish anything that you don't need anymore. You will be surprised to know how many people need things that you don't need.  

You can 'barter' these items with them. For best results, do create your personal "wish-list" so that people can make offers that you will love.

Receive Offers

Once you publish your item, you will start receiving offers from people interested in your item. They will be able to check your "wish-list" and make great offers to you.

This way, you will always end up grabbing the best deal :)

Choose the best offer

Once you have multiple, offers, you can start communicating with people offering you things. If you have question, feel free to ask them.

Once both you and the other person are happy with what you both are trading, its time to close the deal.


Sajid Saiyed

Co-Founder @ brttr. Worked at SAP, Philips Design, Convergys. Designing user experiences for more than 18 years.

Ray Kuo

Co-Founder @ brttr. Worked at SAP and Busines Objects. 14+ years of software engineering experience.